Maria and Michael

Maria and Michael’s wedding at the Atrium at Meadowlark was amazing. From the beautiful backdrops of flowers to the amazing singers, this wedding was filled with friends from abroad, family, and music. The bride and groom expressed to me why exactly they picked this venue. The gorgeous flowers had them sold and they were looking […]

3 Ways to Spot a Truly Great Photographer

Do you know how to tell if someone is an outstanding photographer?  With the rise in accessibility to camera equipment and digital photo editing tools, nearly anyone can snap a picture and call themselves a professional. However, a true professional photographer can be hard to come by. Great photography is not just about taking pictures […]

Why are wedding photographers so **** expensive

Why expensive photographers are worth it You and your partner finally received the gallery from your wedding photographer. When you start to peruse the wedding pictures- roughly around 700 photographs taken throughout your day, you realize only 100 photos look good?! You two look at one another and you may be slowly starting to realize […]

5 Top Bridal Gift Ideas For 2021

Want to really wow the new bride on her wedding day? While the big day is full of fun and excitement for a bride and groom, the day can also be full of unexpected surprises and unwanted stress. Whether you are a member of the party, a family member, or the groom himself, one way […]

Don’t Risk The Cost Of Inexpensive Choices On Your Wedding Day

If you are a bride-to-be, it’s valuable to see your wedding day service choices as investments rather than costs. Hiring a cheap or inexperienced photographer can cost you your peace of mind and your perfect wedding day! If you are like the average bride, you are probably looking for a way to help stretch your […]

D3D Photography and Videography 

D3D Photography and Videography is owned by Damon Decker, a a published wedding photographer in DC, specializing in creating classic wedding photos for you to cherish forever. My style has been described as classic, emotive, and authentic. With wedding photography being my most focused on, I also photograph engagements, anniversaries, family legacies,and bridal portraits In Washington DC, as well as Maryland and Virginia.

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