About 4 years ago I was right where you were, with my wife, organizing a list of top, notable bakeries, deciding which wedding invitation designer to hire, and what photographer and videographer our wedding budget allowed.
Planning a wedding is not a walk in the park. Believe me, I know because I've been there. My wife even had vendors calling on her wedding day because she forgot to pass on the contact person’s information to them. What a nightmare that was. But when everything fell into place, expertly and cleanly, me and my bride would both turn to one another and would say

"This was all worth it!"
Have you ever had that feeling of just pure relief and joy when you know you have poured your sweat and tears into wedding planning and because of your hard work your wedding will be talked about for the next year- maybe two- maybe three years later...

...because it was all worth it!
You deserve this same feeling. You deserve the best and you should completely enjoy your wedding!

 D3D Photography and Videography came together to give you that feeling of release. The feeling of "This was all worth it! Knowing that you have a passionate, personality-rich, photographer crafting emotive timeless and classic photographs of priceless moments for you.

D3D photography and videography is headed by me, Damon- highly energetic and personable, an avid dog lover and enjoys good pizza. I am pictured here with my wife.   Want to know a little more about me, check out my rapid fire questions below.



Trustworthiness & Honesty

Lead Photographer

My name is Damon Decker. You learned a little about my fun, kinda stressful (but worth it) wedding earlier. Crafting stories around a couples' perfect day is my passion- whether it be by videography or photography. 

There is just this special joy that I get from capturing love and being the very reason my couples get to relive their day over and over and over is a whole other level of satisfaction.

When you’re not working, how do you spend your time?
Being silly with my wife, taking walks (when the weather is warm) practicing photography, making baby noises at cute dogs, and eating.

What’s your favorite dog breed?
Pit Bulls, hands down

What’s your favorite word?

What was your first job?
Oh my gosh. Wendy’s. I’d like those 8 years of my life back.

What is your most used emoji? 

If you could change your name, what would it be?

Sounds cool

What was your favorite subject in school?
Gym closely followed by lunch (that’s a subject, right?)

What’s your hidden talent?
 Imma have to look into that

Do you like pineapple on your pizza?
Heavens, YES!

What’s one thing about you that surprises people?
When I’m in the right headspace, I can be drop dead hilarious.

Who are the models you look up to?
Steve Harvey, Denzel Washington, Kevin Hart, Tyler Perry

What makes you feel extremely happy?
Making people happy... and dogs!

Are you adventurous or unadventurous?
Definitely adventurous

What are three of your favorite jobs to date?
Photography, bartending, and selling furniture

Four Emoticons that tell who you are?

What’s ONE of your biggest desires in life?

To travel all over the USA.

Rapid fire

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photography by Damon Decker                    copyright 2020  

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