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i all I'm Damon. I am a photographer based in the Washington  DC Tristate area. I love everything beautiful. I enjoy the small intricate items that make up life.  Most importantly, I LOVE love.

In my free time, I'm practicing photography, playing chess or NFL Madden and bothering my wife.

I am an avid Dog lover!

I grew up in the city of Alexandria and that is where I spent most of my time until I was about 11 years old. From there, my family and I  moved to Annandale. So I am pretty native to Northern Virginia and been here my whole life.

 I found out that I have a love for filming and photographing weddings when I majored in video production in school - having to make wedding films for couples and flexing my storytelling skills.

I enjoy teaching just as much as I enjoy learning. 
I didn't grow up super rich with money but over the years I grew up super rich in faith. I started D3D photography and videography in 2013. Among my favorite inspirational celebrities are Steve Harvey Kevin Hart Denzel Washington and Tyler Perry because they had almost the same situations as I did. 

wo and a half years ago I said I do to my wife and I was right where you are right now. I can identify with your story and that allows me to tell your story that much easier. I am emotionally invested in you and your story.

Memories do not live in how GREAT the images look, but rather in the emotional attachment of the image.

Aside from the desire to provide an improved lifestyle for my family, I became a photographer and videographer for my love of creating stories around different individuals. I coupled this love for stories with the fact that it's so fun to find out about YOU. It's fun for me to understand how YOU work, and what makes YOU unique. This intrigues me because then I can create an authentic representation of YOU on your wedding day. 

I photograph each partner as they see one another. I think that is the mark of a great photographer.


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