How to save more money when reserving your hotel room blocks

July 8, 2022

One of the biggest costs for a new couple is finding lodging for out of town guests when hosting a wedding . Lucky for everyone, your major hotels have created a way to save you some money when reserving hotel rooms when you need to lodge your wedding guests in large quantities. These are known in the hospitality industry as hotel room blocks.  

On average, group rates are 15% to 40% lower than standard rates. A hotel room block is essentially 10 or more rooms blocked off for a large reservation such as a wedding or large conference. But, If you are like me, you are probably always looking for some creative ways to save even more money on hotels. I did some researching and this is what I found.

How to reserve a room block

Before you start, It’s important to keep this in mind when reserving your hotel rooms:

  • The number of rooms you need
  • Proximity to your reception venue
  • Room nights required
  • Amenities
  • Price point.
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Secrets to saving the most money

Contact the hotels

  1. Narrow your search to two or three hotels and then give each one a call.
  2.  Give the room Block coordinator the dates you expect your gas to be there plus any special requests you’re hoping they will do such as dropping welcome bags at the door
  3.  Ask the  hotel if they provide you with regular updates on room bookings by your guest so you can add more if needed

Read the contract and ask questions

That goes without saying right? But how many of us skim a 6 to 10 page contract simply because we don’t feel like reading it. 🙋🏾‍♂️. I do. My advice to you is don’t. You would think that the hotels have your best interest at heart but the reality is, they are a business. They’re in it for a profit and while they may not purposely try to pull the wool over your eyes, not asking questions about unclear parts of the contract is a surefire way to spend more money than you originally bargained for.

Book your hotel room block as early as possible

Don’t wait to book your hotel block because booking your block a few months in advance from the wedding will drastically reduce the amount of options you have and hotels can increase their prices due to the demand, leaving you regretting that you went to the spa instead of booking the hotel. Couples usually get the best rates a year out.

Always negotiate

Most couples don’t negotiate because they don’t know that they can. Hotel room block rates are considerably lesser than the standard nightly rates. Learning the nitty-gritty of the way hotels work opens up more negotiating power.

Think of it like this: The hotels are in business to sell out rooms. If they are low occupancy, they will be more inclined to negotiate with you because you are now an incentive to them reaching their goal. In short, everybody wins. You will get your rooms for a cheaper price and they will fill rooms as expected.

If a hotel isn’t willing to budge on its room rates, they may be willing to lower, or even waive extra fees such as parking or in room Wi-Fi.

In conclusion, be deliberate about finding out how to save those extra coins. Less money you spend on rooms, more money you have to splurge on other services that you deem super important.

Don’t only stop at the website

This tip is not a tip to save money but rather a tip to make sure your money is well spent. Don’t just stop at looking at the website. Websites will show the “glamorous” versions of their rooms. Pictures and reviews online can sometimes give false appearances. Do your due diligence and check out the rooms before signing the contract.  Here is a brief checklist To make sure that your money is being spent on something worthwhile:

  • Are outlets in convenient locations for you to plug up phones and other devices.
  • Is the lighting good? Although makeup artists and photographers/ videographers bring their own lighting, a room with great lighting ensures a better experience for everybody (plus it lifts positive moods)
  • Is the staff attentive and is customer service to your standards? 

Ask for help

If your wedding planner is an ace negotiator and has a relationship with the local hotels, enlist his or her help. Usually a person with a relationship with the hotels can often offer you a better rate than you would have gotten by yourself. 

Utilizing various techniques can save you a great deal of money when booking your hotel. When it is time to start negotiating for the best deals on your hotel, follow these simple steps to guarantee you and your guests receive the best deals.

Your turn

I hope this article has given some helpful information to assist you in saving some money when it is time to book hotel blocks for your guests. I’ve been offered many times to stay in a room because a couple has room blocks available. That sparked a reason for me to write this post. I absolutely appreciate the gesture each and every time. You may request more information here if you’d like to book a session with me.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this article- let me know in the comments below.

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