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How to save more money when reserving your hotel room blocks

One of the biggest costs for a new couple is finding lodging for out of town guests when hosting a wedding . Lucky for everyone, your major hotels have created a way to save you some money when reserving hotel rooms when you need to lodge your wedding guests in large quantities. These are known […]

Westfield Country Club (Westfields Golf Club)

Westfield Country Club (Westfields Golf Club) If you live within or around Washington DC or Northern Virginia at large, you probably have heard of the Westfield Country Club. Located in Clifton, Virginia and about 45 minutes away from Washington DC, the Westfield Country Club is one of the most popular gold clubs and wedding venues […]

Kaylan & Adonis | Westfield Country Club | Wedding Venue

Kaylan & Adonis’s wedding at the Westfield Country Club was energetic and filled with emotion; from Adonis dancing down the aisle to his favorite song, to the father’s emotional escort as he walked his daughter down the aisle, each moment was and will be forever cherishable.

6 Best Marriage Proposal Ideas (and How to Make Them Unique!)

In today’s social media world, there has never been as much pressure to come up with an original, creative, and romantic proposal idea. It can feel impossible to compete with all of the over-the-top proposal photographers that we see online – and men often struggle with how to make their own proposals stand out. We get it. […]

Present on Your Wedding Day

How to be in the moment on your wedding day

Being in the present moment can mean enjoying the little things in life. It can also mean, choosing to love who you are. It can also mean being warm towards yourself and others. It can also mean forgetting life’s worries. All of these are true. On a wedding day, the need to be in the […]

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