Why are wedding photographers so **** expensive

May 18, 2021

Why expensive photographers are worth it

You and your partner finally received the gallery from your wedding photographer. When you start to peruse the wedding pictures- roughly around 700 photographs taken throughout your day, you realize only 100 photos look good?!

You two look at one another and you may be slowly starting to realize that you may have needed to hire a more seasoned wedding photographer.

But why are wedding photographers so expensive?

For those who want an answer to the question, it is simple economics.

There are many costs associated with photography — especially wedding photography.

While you may think your wedding is a two to five-hour event, seasoned wedding photographers start work from the moment they are hired until the end of their wedding night and up throughout the post-production process.

A much more seasoned photographer often charges for:

  • Equipment and materials
  • Photo album
  • Travel time
  • Labor (photos, prints, post-production)
  • Time (photographers may be with you two hours before the ceremony, during the ceremony, and a few hours after)
  • Photographer’s staff

Let’s look at hobbyist photographers

Hobbyist wedding photographers usually don’t dedicate the same amount of time to your wedding because this is a side job for them. They may be inexperienced because of this, lack quality equipment/ materials to focus in on stellar quality, and they are not as adequate at scheduling the day efficiently.

Usually (not always) the hobbyist wedding photographer may not have a lot of wedding photography experience and will lower their prices as a result. Hence the “cheap photographer.” While they may have a few weddings under their belt, they normally are poor at dealing with issues that may arise at the spur of the moment to make adjustments. This could be issues with the weather, certain types of environments that can affect lighting, issues with other vendors throughout the day or even issues with their own equipment. Do they know what to do if the flash suddenly decides to stop working?

They will not have polished their craft because they are not fully dedicated to it.

Will he/ she even pay attention to the small details in post-production? These are photos that will be seen for decades over and post-production is just as important as the actual photograph.

Seasoned Photographers

As you have probably guessed already, there is a huge difference between someone who just “presses a button” (the shutter) and those who give you the greatest gift of all on your wedding day: peace of mind. Now let’s talk a little bit about the seasoned photographer. Usually high priced but the collections can also have a broad range from low to high or even be customized to you.

Seasoned photographers make it a practice to produce images that are magazine-ready and have more knowledge of what angles to take, which lighting is best, and the best post-production. They usually have more weddings under their belt so they are constantly enhancing their skillset.

A seasoned photographer usually has a timeline apart from the regular timeline that results in a superb experience and great photos instead of, whatever happens, happens.

Seasoned photographers not only invest in their education of photography but also invest in quality equipment to provide quality service/ products to their couples. They know how to utilize it extremely well. Candid photos are caught in such a way that exemplifies the emotion of the photograph, posed photos are dynamic and will leave you in awe, lighting is used to the advantage of you- the couple- and the tone of the photograph. Posing is not a simple general direction but guidance to make you look your best.

When you receive photos from a seasoned professional, they would have caught candid moments that you didn’t even know you would appreciate and the products (prints, albums) you will receive will be priceless.

Final Thoughts

When you book a wedding photographer, you do not need one that will fumble with their equipment especially on a once-in-a-lifetime event. You need someone who knows how to handle it deftly while capturing your candid and magical moments perfectly.

This may have been a lot of information to digest, but it is food for thought. These photos are what you and your family will look at for generations. Take the time to research photographers that know how to photograph you and your partner, somebody who can put you two at ease and are comfortable with, and care about your day even more than you care about it.

Check out this infographic below.

Hello. I’m Damon and I’m a Washington DC Wedding photographer. My promise is to tell your story PRECISELY as it happens, to capture emotional connections, and awe-inspiring images, and to give you peace of mind knowing that I will capture every detail of your day, perfectly! 

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I offer images that are classic and distinctive- just like you!

If this sounds like you and your partner, I’d love to hear more of what you are dreaming up for your wedding! Please reach out to me regarding availability and pricing. You can also email me at [email protected].


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