Should You Hire a Full-Service Wedding Planner?

January 7, 2022

Are you planning a wedding and why you need a wedding planner? Congratulations! The day ahead will be filled with tears of joy, lots of laughter, and plenty of memories.

For most couples, planning a wedding will take up much of their time. A wedding day includes many different tasks, such as choosing a wedding venue, picking out the cake and catering, designing invitations, and booking entertainment. Although these tasks can be spread out overtime, they have proved to be overwhelming for many brides, with not just the amount of tasks but the sheer amount of options between vendors that you would need to organize, narrow down, communicate with your fiance on and agree, negotiate, etc. Many times, these tasks need to be done during “down time” at the full time job.

All these things point to a major issue that we all face in life- stress!

Luckily, there is a vendor that can take on the stress for you. A hero, if you will. Their title is a full- service wedding planner.

What Is A Full-Service Wedding Planner?

Why you need a wedding planner, A wedding planner is someone who specializes in helping couples with their wedding planning. This may include helping you choose the right location, booking vendors for your big day, and\or keeping track of all the necessary details needed to make sure your wedding runs smoothly.

Full-service wedding planners will cover a variety of projects, including:

  • Setting up the venue so that it is ready for guests
  • Recommending a caterer to ensure excellent food is served
  • Managing invitations and RSVPs
  • Planning honeymoons and other post-wedding travel plans
  • Keeping track of deposits and payments for all vendors
  • Making sure the bridal party gets where they need to go on time
  • Running out any last-minute errands

What a wedding planner can do, you should be able to do as well. However, a full-service wedding planner has many advantages that couples planning their own weddings don’t have.

Some wedding planners have lots of connections with local vendors in your area, while others may know the vendor personally and recommend them to you.

In addition to helping you plan your day, they will also help with managing all that is needed when it comes to catering, ceremony set-up, and reception decorating.

Now doesn’t that sound like a better deal than being stressed out?

How Are They Different From A Day-Of Coordinator?

Many think of full-service wedding planners as “mini-coordinators” or the person who will actually coordinate your wedding. The truth is that they both have completely different duties, even though they both help you to plan your day out.

A day-of coordinator’s job is to take over once the planner has set everything up. For example, if you have hired a planner to help you pick the venue, day-of coordinators will come in on the wedding day and ensure everything is in place according to your plan.

Full-service planners are involved far before the actual wedding day. They help you decide on all the different elements and vendors that will make up your wedding. The “planning” is done long before the big day, whereas a day-of coordinator steps in only on the wedding day.

The Benefits Of Working With A Full-Service Wedding Planner

Working with a full-service wedding planner can ensure that your big day is as stress-free as possible. They will take care of details that may be overwhelming for an engaged couple, such as:

1. Choosing the Right Vendor

Finding the right vendor can be difficult, especially when you are on a budget. Hiring a full-service wedding planner may allow you to find better deals and negotiate with vendors to get the best price possible.

2. Saving Time

Planners will take care of all the small details for you so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Planning the initial wedding can take up a lot of time, so by hiring a planner, you are saving yourself valuable hours for other things.

3. No Stress

When you work with a full-service wedding planner, there is very little chance that you will feel stressed out about your big day. Your planner can and will handle all problems that may arise and make sure that your wedding day is as special and stress-free as possible. They have to, it’s in the contract! ?

4. Keeping it Personal and Unique to You

Your wedding planner can make sure that your vision comes to life and everything is perfect for the big day, including finding the vendors that will compliment your style and give you what you value!

Are Full-Service Wedding Planners Worth The Investment?

In one short word


Can you do all of these wedding-prep things yourself? Of course you can… but not having to worry about all these details will be a huge weight off of your shoulders.

When you choose to invest in a full-service wedding planner, you can rest easy knowing that all of your bases are covered.

Many planners will meet with couples regularly to help them craft their vision for the wedding day. Although it may be tempting to go ahead and do everything yourself, having someone to consult with about the details of your big day is invaluable! Ask yourself. What’s the cost of my stress?

When it comes down to it, hiring a full-service wedding planner can be well worth the investment. You will have one less thing to worry about, and you will be able to enjoy this special time with your family without having to worry about planning every last detail.


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